The Monument to the Battle of Nations (Völkerschlachtdenkmal) is the largest monument in Europe. Why does Leipzig have such a big memorial? More than 200 years ago in 1813, the battle took place in Leipzig where Napoleon was fighting against the united army of Russia, Prussia, Austria and Sweden.  The battle involved 600 thousand soldiers, making it the largest battle in Europe prior to World War I and changed the history of Europe forever. The Monument to the Battle of Nations was built in 1913 for the 100th anniversary of this battle

To understand why so many people were involved in the battle we will first talk about the French Revolution and Napoleonic wars. We will go chronically true every day of the battle where you will learn the main reasons for Napoleons defeat. The last but not least, we will tell you all the interesting facts about Monument to the Battle of Nations. Finally, you will be able to go inside the monument where you will see the hall of fame.

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Things to note:

  • Meeting point: In front of The Monument to the Battle of Nations

  • Duration: 1 hour

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  • Entrance fee is 8€ or 6€ (students).


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