Matej Eber

Hi. My name is Matej I come from Slovenia and I moved to Leipzig in September 2016 as Erasmus student. Currently, I’m finishing my master degree in Economics.  From the very first moment, I found Leipzig very livable and beautiful. At the same time, I was very curious in the history of Leipzig. I’m a big fan of Free Walking Tours. When I arrived in Leipzig there were no Free Walking Tours this is why I took the initiative and prepared the first tour what eventually transformed into a nice business :) 


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Krischan Bockhorst

I'm Krischan, a tour guide for Free Walking Tour Leipzig and I'm currently studying medieval and newer history in my Masters in Leipzig. I moved to Leipzig over 4 years ago and I'm proud to present to you my new hometown. In my free time, I'm the musical director of a samba percussion group (Samba da Palmeira Pintada). I can't wait to be your guide and show you the special buildings and events of Leipzig.

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Alba Delgado

Hi! My name is Alba and I will be your guide for the Free Walking Tour Leipzig in Spanish. I come from a small village near Barcelona and I finished my studies in German and Spanish Philology here, in Leipzig. I fell in love with this place and I would like you to find it as cool as I do!
The perfect guide must be motivated and enthusiast and have a wide cultural and historical knowledge of the city. I decided to join the Free Walking Tour Leipzig Team because they fulfil these strengths and I agree with the concept of “free tour”. We are now a family and you will discover with us the fastest-growing city in Germany, a centre of art and education, with a long track record in publishing and absolutely the best parties!


Anne Dietrich

Hi! I’m Anne and I will be your tour guide for the coffee tour. I’m a native Leipziger and it will be my pleasure to present to you the great sights of my hometown. I studied Cultural Studies and English Studies in Leipzig. During that time coffee has not only been an indispensable component of my everyday routine but it also inspired me to do some research and make an exhibition about Leipzig’s long-lasting tradition of coffee consumption. Finally, I came up with the idea of offering a special tour, combining the joy of strolling through the lovely city centre with the pleasures of drinking a cup a coffee in one of Leipzig’s long-established cafés. Join me on my tour and discover Leipzig’s past and present caffeine sites.

Svetlana Terassova

My name is Svetlana, I am originally from Tallinn, Estonia. 2009 I moved to Leipzig to study education. Lifelong learning is my life slogan. Currently I am active in a open youth work and I love it. If I am not working I am reading and spend a lot of time in nature. Thats why Leipzig is perfect for me. It is welcoming green and it is the perfect city if you want to take an active part in a social area and at the same time enjoy the peaceful moments. I fell in love with Leipzig and I will be very happy to share this excitement and my knowledge with you and provide you a tour in English, German or Russian. I support the concept of the Free Wlaking tour, because this is what I am standing for: high quality tour in a nice family like atmosphere. I am looking forward to seeing soon you at our tour!

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Juan Ezequiel Veliz

Hi! My name is Juan and I come from the north-west of Argentina. I’d worked as an English teacher for more than ten years before I moved to Leipzig. As soon as I came here, I sensed there was something special about the way people speak about this city and, soon after, I was also a proud Leipziger. I’ve enjoyed every second of discovering this exciting and historic city, which is why I joined Free Walking Tour Leipzig to share that experience with our visitors, both in my native Spanish and in English! Looking forward to seeing you out there!

Florian Franze

Hey guys, I'm Florian. I'm a born Saxon, grew up roughly an hour from the Czech border, guess that makes me an East German in the true sense of the word. I've always loved to get on my friends and family’s nerves by sharing 'fun facts' about anything and everything, and now I've found a way to even get paid for that! :) But seriously, for years the first thing I'd do whenever traveling to a new city was join a Free Tour. I always wanted to be that guy or gal doing the tour, and now I finally am. After traveling and moving a lot, I've found my home and I never wanna leave again...and if I manage to share just a bit of that feeling with you, it'll have been a good tour!

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